Our current and previous projects:



A Cold War story

Coming to PC/Mac



"There is a job for you. I need you to go to Stockholm. One of our people there has gone missing."

For the Night is a Cold War Murder Mystery taking place during one fateful night at a seedy hotel in Stockholm in the late days of the Cold War.


Fallet Exet


An Interactive Missing Person-drama

Theatre/Game Hybrid,

Teater Västernorrland

Written and directed by theatre collective Nyxxx, "Fallet Exet" is a missing persons drama for teenagers, about being young and alone in an adult world that doesn't care.

The piece is part theatre play, part digital adventure game, exploring a new type of hybrid format merging classic theatre, role playing game, and digital adventure game.


Pusselbit Games developed the technical solutions for the piece, as well as the choice & consequence gameplay. 

Press images: Lia Jacobi.

Spin Spun


Swipe, spin, smash!


Available on Android and iOS.


Spin Spun is an action/bullet hell-type game built around the mechanic of swinging a giant morning star. 


One Final Chaos


Addictive Apocalyptic 


Available on App Store/Google Play/Steam


One Final Chaos utilizes the core two-button gameplay which popularized the 2D Endless Runner genre. But the unique arrangement of the procedurally generated levels offers the player more agency over which path to take.




(Death on the stage)


Theatre Play

We were part of an Interactive Theatre Play by Swedish regional theatre Folkteatern Gävleborg. The play, Änglaspel, by playwright Talaje Nasiri, is a story centered around three children trying to make sense of Death. What is it? Can it be avoided? What happens after? The production made extensive use of interactive storytelling through projections and sound on stage, which we were tasked with co-ordinating and designing. 


Frictional Realities


(Experimental Virtual Reality Performance)

Theatre/Dance/Performance residency at Riksteatern


Dance/VR/performance piece we did together with choreografer Noah Hellwig. A unique 2-player VR experience, designed to make the visual experience of VR and the spatial, bodily experience of the physical world blend together in a unique, thrilling and ground-breaking piece of experimental performance art.

(The initial piece was developed under a residency at Riksteatern during the spring of 2018. The final piece is still under development)


Flickan, Mamman och Demonerna


(Promotion for Swedish movie)


Browser game

Promotional  game made for the Swedish movie  Flickan, Mamman och Demonernaraising awareness for mental illness and children living in households afflicted by it.




Student Project 2012-2013

It's Orbit! A zany, bouncing space adventure unlike any other!


Play as the highly elastic planet Orbit on a crazy journey through the galaxy!




[slogan missing]


48h GameJam Project


Co-developed with game designers Alexander Batsis and Leo Sundholm.


A 48-hour Game Jam project where you play as a white cube, representing a bit of data inside a computer.


Journey into the the computer's core through a series of levels with weird and varied gameplay.